Do you guys think they’ll make a film were tom hardy grunts every second? Ooooh thats right they already have. okay lawless follows the story of three brothers which I forgot the names but I know the actors, which are Tom Hardy,Shia Lebouf and another guy who I have never seen in my life.

So anyways this film takes part in the opression ,depression? Whatever..same thing to me.

Basically in this day and age alcohol is illegal,and guess what? Yup you guessed it these three brothers supply their own alcohol to the folks around them,kinda like how homer Simpson became the beer baron around Springfield,apart from there wasn’t any blood and fights in that.


Okay,so these guys doing illegal stuff there’s always going to be that one obstacle,and that obstacle in this film is non other than guy Pearce,and I can not lie he was…..badass,excluding the hair cut they gave him.

So guy Pearce plays this new deputy guy sent in from Chicago to crack down on tom hardy and his brothers selling this weird looking booze in a glass jar.So Guy Pearce’s character
Becomes a problem and issue for these beer makers,and that’s pretty much the plot of the story.

The film pretty much portrays the conflict with these two parties,and things do get a little ugly.

The pacing was a bit slow but what I can tell you was that the acting was superb from shia to that guy from chronicle (oh yeah he was in it btw) to tom hardy,but for me chronicle guy reaaaaally stole the show for me.

The only thing I will mention is tom Hardy’s grunting,personally I thought he was so tired from filming he just decided to grunt in every line…which funnily enough worked but he could of said a lot more in the dialogue scenes,but I guess some of the action made up for his grunting.

All in all lawless was a good film but I can understand if some of you guys will find it boring because at times I did! But does the dialogue make up for this?definetly.

I say go watch lawless you might like it you might not and if you don’t I get why.

I’d give lawless a 6.5/10 was a good film a bit slow but worth watching.

Man of steel sequel with the bat himself


I’m sure a lot of you movie goers out there or even DC fanboys have heard the news by now..if you haven’t I’m gonna tell ya.

Basically Snyder announced last night at comic con that in the next man of steel..wait for it…..The one and only batman will appear in it!

Yup,its the truth and I don’t know about you guys but personally in my opinion as exciting as this is..I don’t really know how it’s going to work, and somewhere in my head I actually think this is a bad step for man of steel. Personally I believed that Snyder and the whole of Warner Bros had no hope that superman could carry out his own franchise like nolans dark knight..which I think is probably the main reason to this.

Okay moving along from that,wanna know what my overall concern is? Pretty much batman.Number number one who is going to portray the caped crusader?and before you guys start…no,no,its not going to be Christian bale, he is never returning as the bat.

So yeah back to the point I think the main issue is who in this wide universe will play the batman,in my opinion I’m hoping its someone unknown, like cavil was but a better actor than he was.

Another issue of mine will be how will it look? Superman flying around the city and batman tryna catch up? For those who don’t know…I think batman is superior to superman because he doesn’t have powers.I don’t wanna see my favourite hero portrayed to look like kal-els sidekick noo way,and if I see batman fighting during the day time I’m going to be mad.

Anyways well just have to see if Snyder can pull it off.

The girl who leapt through time


Been a while since my last review just been away at college in finishing university stuff blah blah blah.
Anyways back to the point, the last film I saw  was a Japanese manga slash anime type film and I have to say I was very impressed with this film, so much that might even watch it twice.

Okay for this  story is  about a girl called makato  who is at college,school whatever and she finds out that she has the ability to travel back in time, I don’t know about you but if I find out that I had a ability to try in time travel I’ll be really happy well more than happy probably be ecstatic.

Map of chalk call is pretty much on main character from total film hang around with these 2 call of the characters and 8 play baseball and well just hang around like ordinary teenagers and the best part is chrome os how they captured this teenager friendship and relationship between the three people navigate to say the dialogue within this film was
awesome and kept me intrigued throughout the whole film.

Okay so well the story follows the girl finds out she can time travel she tries using it to benefit herself just like a normal teenager would if they could travel through time,she mainly uses this ability to travel in time so she can I eat her dessert before her sister snatches it. I can honestly say this part is really smart because I really  think most teenagers or young people which  acquired the ability to time travel would pretty much do these kind of stupid lazy things,to benefit themselves.

So the film carries on and you start to see that our main character starts to have problems in the friendship area with her three best friends and even the time travelling seems to not really help her,and these events escalate into bigger problems and eventually she’s left to sort out these whole bunch of problems by going back into time when trying to fix the relationship she has with these two guys which I forgot the name off.

All in all, the stories great,the characters are awesome and the dialogue is even greater,would I recommend you to watch this film? Off course,I can honestly say I enjoyed that film and I’ll probably end up watching it again sometime.

Personally I would give this film a 7.5/10 for those of you watch don’t like anime you’ll probably enjoy this as much as I do!

Why John Carter Is Good and Rubbish At The Same Time


John Carter was good,but at the same time rubbish,which doesn’t make sense I know but I just can’t make my mind up.First of all I will start with the Storyline,which I loved,it  was similar to Avatar in some aspects but it was cool.

We see this war veteran John Carter transported to a different world and ends up in the middle of a war on mars,he meets the girl blah blah blah,they fall in love and sooooooo on.

What I admired about the film was the acting in the first 10-15 minutes  (on earth) it was cool and also very believable,what I didn’t like was the acting on mars,it got terrible and cheesy and was too unbelievable for me and very unconvincing,that’s why to me it sucked.

The cgi was very poor,at times it looked like a grad student did all the cgi stuff,if the cgi was good then a lot of people would have taken this film a lot more seriously.

Also the promotion for this film sucked,I only found out about this film like 2 weeks before it was out and I hardly saw any cool billboard advertising this film.

Should there be a sequel? Yes, but with a better  director to make it more convincing. Don’t get me wrong Im not saying it was completely bad,but I wouldn’t buy it on Blu ray,ever.

If they do plan a sequel,put more money in to it,get better cgi maker guys or whatever they are called to do a better job.

This film also did very poorly at the box office, John Carter’s production budget was around $250 Million and it only made $30.6 million,which is a real kick in the privates.Hopefully this will be a wake up call for the production team to make it better somehow the next time round.

By the way for you guys wondering why this isn’t really an indepth post,I didn’t really want to get into John Carter that much to be honest,I just wanted to do a “quick review on it”

I get it Disney but still…the film could have been better

Would I advise you to watch it? Yes and No…

Movies Which Look Similar To The Dark Knight Rises


Is it just me who has noticed that a lot of films have that similar Dark Knight story line feel to it? I noticed earlier today whilst watching the latest trailer for the upcoming movie ‘The Wolverine’ (which looks terrible btw).A lot of films to me, seem like they have a similar Batman storyline,just coated differently.

The Dark Knight Rises story goes, The hero  has been away for a while, he’s been beaten down, he’s weak and vulnerable but at the end he comes back and saves the day blah blah blah.

If you look at the ironman 3 trailer it seems VERY similar to Batman,why you ask?Tony Stark seems to have  been gone away and “The world is wondering where is Tony Stark” the bad guy looks like he is winning (Bane), but at the end tony stark(batman)comes back bigger and better to save his city,which I presume anyway by looking at the trailers.

Again with the latest James bond film, the bond is away at his lost like Bruce Wayne was, everyone presumes he is dead  (which he’s not) he comes back, a bit rusty but starts to get back into things (like Bruce Wayne), bad guy seems to be winning (Bane) but Bond (Batman) comes back and saves the day.

Basically all these films have the same sort of “Put the hero down then bring him back to save his city/country” like T.D.K.R. had.

This is just my opinion btw,but yeah give me your views and what you think about this.

The Christopher Nolan Effect


Christopher Nolan had a great 2012, with the release of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. To me this film was the best film that came out in 2012 and I would say it was much much  better than’ Marvels Avengers’ the reason being that the Dark Knight had an “Adulty Feel” to it whereas the Avengers felt like it  was more for the younger audience.

Anyway this  post isn’t to talk about which film was better.I’m here to talk about the “Christopher Nolan Effect” as you may have guessed from the title. Christopher Nolan has his own  dark directing style which we could say is his unique selling point  and  most of his well known  films follow that style.Films such as Inception and the Dark Knight Franchise.

It seems that a lot of directors have been inspired by Nolan and have decided to add his dark style to their films,if you recently watched the latest Bond film you would have noticed this film had that,well Christopher Nolan Effect and funnily enough, the director said he got his inspiration from Christopher Nolan/The Dark Knight Rises.

I think this was a great move,if you guys have seen the old bond films starring Pierce Brosnan,then you can see why going for the ‘Christopher Nolan Effect’ was a great path to go down.

A lot of films now seem to be going down this exact route in my opinion , Iron Man 3 seems a lot darker than the other films and also the Man Of Steel also has that C.N.E and looks a lot more realistic, but we shall  just have to wait and see.I think a lot of films this year will have C.N.E effect such as Star Trek and possibly even The Amazing Spiderman 2,what do you think?

So what do you think of movies going down this route? Is it good or bad?

I would love to hear your opinions.



Warrior without a doubt has to be up there in my “Bestest Films Ever” list.This film is very epic,and was  also very overlooked in 2011.

This film is a story of two brothers Tom Conlon (Tom Hardy) & Brendan Conlon ( Joel Edgerton)  who haven’t seen each other for at least 8-9 years due to problems between their abusive alcoholic father, who seemed to have driven their mother to her death.These two brothers  have two  things in common,one being they both participate in MMA which is a Mixed Martial Arts for those of you who didn’t catch that & the other is that they both grew up in a broken household.

The film starts off with Tom or Tommy as he is referred to in the film,  visitng his father after a long time,they both reminisce about old times,and have a catch up,but not  the good old friends’  type of catch up more of the you were a crap dad and made my life crap type of catch up, it’s clear that Tommy has a vendetta with his father and still holds a grudge over the death of his mother.

You also notice that Tommy’s dad is the one who trained him when he was younger  and led him to win a lot of tournaments as a child,this links well with the film because Tommy needs a trainer to train him for this big MMA   tournament.

On the other side of the family the older brother who is having financial difficulties sees himself going back into the MMA world to make money to support his family,like Tommy he is also drawn to this MMA tournament.


The film then shows you some great fight scenes,great drama and also a lot  tension between the family,it involves a lot of cool badass scenes in which Tom Hardy knocking out people in less than 30 seconds.The film illustrates  you the relationship between two brothers,coming from a bad background,it also illustrates the hatred and love between brothers,and in some ways can make you reflect on your own relationship with your own siblings.

This movie is defiantly a must watch,and might leave you buzzing to start working out due to Tom Hardy’s Hench Physique,the film has a great story and plot, you may be thinking this better not be like Never Back Down but believe me this is 1000000 times better,and doesn’t have any cheesy quotes or head nods like N.B.D had.

If you enjoy fighting films with good story lines, this film is definitely a must watch and I can certainly guarantee you will not be disappointed in any way shape or form. I could sit here telling you how amazing this film is for hours, but you truly have to watch it to be truly convinced how amazing it is, and it should defiantly go down in the “The coolest films ever” book (if one exists)

I would give this film a rating of 8/10 

The Lazarus Project


Whilst bored on a weekday, I decided to log onto my Netflix instant and browse for a good thriller film to watch.

Whilst scrolling down the list whilst thinking all these films look rubbish- “The Lazarus Project” caught my eye due to its appealing title. What made it more appealing was that it stared a familiar actor who was the guy with the starring role from the Fast & Furious franchise- Paul Walker. This made me even more interested in this film, even if it had a poor three star rating.

As I do normally I YouTube’d the trailer for this movie, which bored me in the first 10 seconds. Regardless to this when scrolling down the comments I noticed one person state “if you like Shutter Island then you will love this film”. Being a huge fan of Shutter Island myself, I decided to click that play button on Netflix.

The film started off pretty slow and we already knew our main character Ben Garvey(Paul Walker) -a former ex con who is trying to support his family and get a house in the country. The main goals he has in the film is to try stay clean and not get on the wrong side of the law anymore. But guess what? Yeah you guessed it,he ends up doing the exact opposite ironically, whilst helping his brother rob some weird hospital type place which i forgot the name of. After being arrested and apparently ‘causing’ the death of two people he gets sentenced to death (as you do).

After being sentenced to death and being injected with all that medicine crap that kills them, the next clip shows Ben walking on the side of a road in the rain. We later find out that ben was given a “second chance” at life by some random people who conduct experiments. Ben somehow works as a Grounds Keeper at some strange looking institution place whilst living in a cabin (like the one in X-men Origins Wolverine) apart from its not in Canada.

The film starts to become gradually Darker and sinister. In some ways it reminded me of the Christopher Nolan Batman films? Whilst staying at this institution called Oregon, Ben starts to discover some secrets and truths of why he is really alive. What actually is this place he’s staying at?


This film is very dark and gloomy and also quite slow, but at the same time very gripping and intriguing. The acting by Paul Walker is very good and keeps you on edge throughout the film. It keeps your eyes opened and you honestly feel for the guy. It’s full of emotion. The film has an original plot and the twist at the end is great and very clever.
All in all ‘The Lazarus Project’ is a intriguing film. What starts of as a typical ‘American’ thriller it evolves into something a lot more with an engaging twist at the end. If you like slow films such as Michael Clayton or Dark films such as ‘Shutter Island’ then you will defiantly like this film!